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  • 2012

    Our dream started in 2012 being a fresh new trading desk for programmatic advertising.

  • 2015

    We grew to the top of independent trading desks in the Netherlands, giving us the opportunity to start creating and expanding our own technology.

  • 2016

    Our big breakthrough came when we started to focus on our ability to provide a fitting solution for multi-store companies, giving both the main office and their stores a range of freedom unprecedented in the field of programmatic technology.

  • 2020

    Since 2020, we fully focus on the development and international expansion of our MarTech and SaaS products.

  • Now

    We currently host over 1.5 billion creatives per month. Having local advertising as our basis, we deliver self-service API connections via our SaaS model and assist brands with managed services, always making sure campaign goals are implemented in the best possible way.

    • Our goal

      We keep working on new technological solutions to stay at the forefront of the ever changing programmatic industry, and our goal to be a leading global hyperlocal programmatic advertising technology is unchanged since 2012. With offices in both Munich and Amsterdam, our focus is in providing solutions for the DACH region, the Benelux, the Scandics, the UK and the USA.

    • Why we started Adcombi

      In our early years as an agency and trade desk, working for numerous clients with a franchise and dealership structure, we experienced how difficult it is to run multi-location campaigns in the programmatic ecosystem. It was very time consuming, prone to errors and resulted in a huge amount of operational pressure which has a negative effect on team morale and on the business itself.

      – Gerrit Reinders, Founder

    • Our core advantage

      Adcombi technology allows you to automate the setup of thousands of line items. The technology enhances the operational process by significantly reducing the time and resources needed during planning, optimization, management and reporting of programmatic, hyperlocal advertising campaigns.

      Save up to 82% in time and resources setting up large amounts of line items, freeing up talent for other projects or strategic work.

    Meet our management team

    A team with passion for technology and advertising, with innovation at our core

    Gerrit Reinders

    “Firing up local business and digital local transformation is my core!”

    Sebastian Kraemer
    Managing Partner DACH

    “Exploring Innovation. The digitalization is an endless playing field. Push into spaces where others stop.”

    Dirk Ouwehand
    Managing Partner Benelux

    “Movement by connection. Moonshooting is not improving the existing, it is creating something completely new. Go for 10X better instead of 10% better.”

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    Munich | 40 hours

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    (Senior) Customer Success Manager DACH Region

    Munich | 40 hours

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    Business Development Manager – BENELUX Region

    Amsterdam | 40 hours

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    Business Development Executive – BENELUX Region

    Amsterdam | 40 hours

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    Business Development Manager – DACH Region

    Munich | 40 hours

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