Hyperlocal programmatic promotion

To push sales volumes in supermarkets we used a combination of social (Facebook), Video (6’ Bumper On Youtube) and display (IAB Banners With Adcombi) to target individual supermarkets with their own campaign, including Display, Hyperlocal technology and GPS navigation apps.

Showing users nearby beer promotions on their mobile phones

The challenge

Heineken wanted to give extra exposure to three of their beer brands to push sales volumes in supermarkets across The Netherlands during Promotion Weeks. The goals was to show users nearby beer promotions (three brands, 4 supermarket chains) on their smartphone. We managed to generate valuable ad engagement, store traffic and drive on-site conversions

600+ campaigns including:

  • Individual targeting settings
  • Radius based on population density
  • Budget allocation
  • DCO possibilities
  • Click-out to a local store landing page


Clicking an ad opens up a map showing the closest grocery stores with the promoted beers in stock .


Clicking a supermarket opens the users favorite navigation app, providing the fastest route to collect the promoted beer.

The results


With Adcombi the alignment of digital media activities with price promotions generated a Return on Investment of 2.0, delivering significant volumes. Compared to digital media activities without location price promotions (during weeks with a promotion) sales numbers are two times higher!

2x return on investment
148 man hours saved

    “By means of the Adcombi technology, we have been able to easily put our hyperlocal campaigns from different brands, with different assets weekly, live on a weekly basis. Strategically, this contributes to the very targeted reach and activation of relevant target groups with a relevant and local expression.”

    Victoria van de Koppel, Heineken
    Digital Marketing Manager

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