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Adcombi B.V.
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Transformatorweg 102-7
1014 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Adcombi GmbH
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Nymphenburger Straße 67
80335 München

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adcombi?

Adcombi is a MarTech company that provides in-house Hyperlocal Advertising Technology, quality marketing services and consultancy. Advertising is what we love, and do well. We believe strong connections between brands and audiences are built through localisation and personal relevance, and innovation and technology are the way to do this successfully. Through our in-house developed software and the services from our experienced marketers, we offer a broad range of solutions to run local campaigns easily and efficiently. For example, our software makes it possible to create, manage and optimise campaigns for multiple different stores, dealers or franchises at once. See our solutions page for more information.

What is our hyperlocal solution?

With our hyperlocal solution, companies with multiple locations like stores, dealers or brands, can run any number of custom campaigns effortlessly and without the manual work. Adcombi’s convenient templates and dashboards allow you to setup and manage budgets, strategies and creatives for many locations at once, while still maintaining control over them individually. Ads can even be personalized to connect with local audiences through dynamic content like address information, dealer logos and location-specific images or text. The possibilities to apply our multi-advertising technology are endless.

How does local advertising work?

Local advertising means your advertisement will be delivered at locations that matter to your brand. Use local advertising to target a range of postal codes, cities, regions or even specific addresses with precision. Combine local advertising with our multi advertising to accurately manage your ad delivery for multiple locations at once.

In which countries can I use Adcombi’s solutions?

Adcombi has their headquarters located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a second office in Munich, Germany. From there, the company can currently operate in the Benelux, the DACH market, Scandinavia and the USA. Other countries are technically possible as long as there is an available programmatic market.

Which DSP does Adcombi use?

Adcombi is partnered and working with multiple DSP's. Through their smart bidding algorithms, machine learning and advanced technology, we are able to offer great performance, relevance, and competitive prices. Furthermore, it allows us to support the most recent trends in digital advertising, like dynamic video, DOOH, in-image advertising, contextual targeting or sequential retargeting.

How do I start?

Good question! If you want to learn more about Adcombi’s solutions or want to talk about custom options, you can contact us by phone, or by filling in the contact form. You can also request a demo to experience our software by yourself. Either way, we are happy to meet you and see if we can help!

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