Team Spotlight: Björn Jander

Adcombi is proud to highlight our people and in this post, we introduce Björn Jander, our Business Development Manager for the DACH region, who brings his diver

Adcombi has grown a lot over the last few years and that’s in large part thanks to our people. This series highlights those people, their personalities, and how they contribute to Adcombi as a whole – showcasing what makes Adcombi “Adcombi”. In this blog, we’re proud to introduce Björn Jander, our Business Development Manager for the DACH region, who brings his diverse experience across marketing, media management, and advertising to the organization.

Getting Started in Marketing

Björn was conscripted into the military under German law at the time, serving a mandatory 10-month service. That training and work turned into a 12-year career – as Björn took on a role in administration and HR. His work in the military was mostly quiet, including a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

“If the military taught me one thing, it’s never to give up too early, you’ll miss out on what you could have accomplished”.

Björn left the military, intent on studying HR, which he’d specialized in during his last few years of service. But, it wasn’t meant to be.

“I wanted to continue HR because I’d been very interested in that and how it’s digitizing, but the program I signed up for didn’t happen. The university contacted me and asked me to move into a marketing course instead and, intrigued, I accepted. Really, what I wanted was to do something completely new after the military, and I was just handed the opportunity to explore something completely new.”

Björn eventually graduated in business administration with a focus on marketing,

“I liked marketing, I liked it a lot, so I wanted a job in it. More specifically, I was curious about digital marketing, which combined my passion for digital devices and the internet with my professional study”.

Björn took on a role at OMS, a German marketer for regional newspapers. The 6 years he spent with the copany gave him a background in marketing management, product management, and managing media solutions – as well as introducing him to many of the problems he would later come to solve with Adcombi.

When, in 2016, he moved to Ströer, the largest German Out of Home and Online Marketer, it was in as a manager of media solutions and then as an account manager for client sales. That work ranged from concept creation to directly building solutions for clients – and he stayed until 2021, when he took on his current role in Adcombi.

Who is Björn

Björn was born in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, now he lives in Moers with his wife and his son and are looking to buy a house in the region to stay there.

Björn is also very much an outdoors person, “I spend a lot of time outside, walking, going to the beach, doing sports. But, normally I do that with my pet. We recently lost our family dog and it’s heartbreaking – but dogs are so much a part of my life and my family life – I've never really not had animals with me. They inspire you to go outside, to spend time in the woods, and it’s comforting to have a small partner with you wherever you go”.

Björn had his first dog at age 5 and has had one ever since, and he’s confident it won’t be long until he’s ready to introduce a new pet to his family.

In his spare time, Björn walks and spends a lot of time outside. That leaves plenty of room for podcasts, like his favorite, Online Marketing Rockstars.

“It’s very inspiring, sometimes in ways I don’t expect, they often have influencers and they talk about their business and how they took ideas and developed them, overcame challenges, and turned them into a business”.

Björn is also fond of comedy and thrillers, in podcasts and in books.

“The most meaningful day of my life was the birth of my son, and now he’s turning four, I definitely spend most of my time with him. We do swimming, playgrounds, and we used to spend a lot of time walking our dog together. I’m the parent, but often I feel like I’m the one learning. My son taught me so much about patience, I had to learn that everything takes its’ time, everything should take its’ time, and the only thing you can do is stay curious and wait for it”.

“That’s something that’s really changed how I approach work as well, especially in a tech environment like online marketing, there’s so much to learn, so many changes, and everything moves at its own pace. Something that was state of the art last year could be obsolete this year. There’s always so much to learn and you have to ask questions and stay curious. Every problem gives you an important lesson, all you can do is keep learning.”

Björn at Adcombi

Björn moved into his role at Adcombi in the end of 2021, effectively taking over as lead of business development management for the DACH region. His role makes him responsible for the sales cycle, choosing our clients, prospecting, contacting people, and making sure the right people have the information they need to decide whether Adcombi is the right fit for their organization.

“It’s easy to be passionate about my work at Adcombi, because they solve problems, I experienced myself at OMS. In 2011, when we started big campaigns with multiple locations, the project managers were incredibly stressed because it was so much work. Sometimes we’d have to say no to customers making requests, because we couldn’t set multi-location campaigns up in a way that was profitable. We often just couldn’t offer what the client was asking for. And Adcombi just solves all of those issues. “

“At the same time, it’s important for me as a salesperson to not get too excited about Adcombi and what it can do. I have to step back, align our solutions with the client’s problems, and figure out how we can best solve those issues – and that always has to be the focus.”

If you’d like to learn more about Björn, visit his LinkedIn

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