Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Hyperlocal Digital Ad Campaigns

For national brands, hyperlocal digital advertising introduces new challenges in branding and consistency. Here's how Adcombi deals with those challenges.

When big national brands like franchises, chains, and corporates advertise, they more and more often do it locally. That can mean handing digital advertising power and budget over to the points of sale benefiting from foot traffic. For many big brands, that creates risks in the form of inconsistent branding, with ads and offers that could take on completely different formats if left to individual brand managers.

Adcombi delivers hyper-local marketing technology, helping brands to target zip codes and sales areas of individual points of sale across their network. Optimizing that marketing means improving how you build campaigns across individual brand locations, and that means creating a uniform brand experience, no matter which location your customers go to.

Use Central Campaign Management

The more locations you have, the more difficult it is to maintain a central brand image. Keeping individual brand owners and marketers from using their own creatives can be a challenge. Delivering campaign creatives, asking everyone to use the same technology, and measuring everything through a central platform helps to mitigate this risk.

For example, Adcombi allows you to set up unlimited line items on the DSP, enabling any of your local brands to utilize budget and technology access. And, with our API, you can bring that technology into an existing brand platform. When Coca Cola wanted to drive foot traffic to local points of sale, they did just that. The Adcombi API was used to connect our technology to their platform. Then, brand managers and owners could simply set up campaigns inside of their existing platform and push those to the DSP.

If you don't have your own platform, you can still set up all of your campaigns via a centralized platform in the Adcombi tool. That helps to ensure brand and quality control remains in place, no matter how many points of sale you have.

Distribute Campaign Assets

If location owners can simply pull from a list of creatives designed for their location, or use national creatives, which are then customized at point of delivery, you’ll create a more uniform customer experience.

Often, this will mean either developing individual creatives per point of sale upfront. For example, big advertisers like the Jumbo and Plus often create banners with discounts and sales – which local stores can then choose to use or not. That allows those individual brand owners to opt into which discounts they're using for better customization – without having to develop their own creatives.

For example, when Adcombi was selected as the technology platform for BVR to distribute ads for more than 800 member banks, they requested relevant data including bank logos and branding upfront. Then, those logos were inserted into videos. When the ad campaign ran, we pulled relevant content based on the location of the viewer – enabling real-time relevance. But, because campaign creatives were developed and customized by the national brand, everything retained a uniform look and feel.

Customize Creatives

Building custom creatives per point of sale can allow brands to share their own sales, discounts, and products. However, simplifying campaign creation is also an important thing to ensure that costs and timelines stay on track. In this case, using API and real-time data insertion with rich media can offer the location customization you need – without having to develop individual creatives per location.

For example, Adcombi's technology can pull location-specific data like route planners, addresses, and even number of items in stock. That will allow you to display custom content with information like the distance to the point of sale, making the ad relevant to the viewer.

If you're looking for ways to make your national brand campaign more relevant on a local level, without losing brand consistency, we're happy to help. Schedule a call to discuss how we can help.

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